A Warm Welcome


To Rutland Gundogs. A professional service for gundog and pet gundog owners to get the best from your dog.

A fully trained or even partly trained gundog is a joy. You don’t have to go near a shoot to enjoy a partnership and in fact most people who have the breed have no intention of shooting. But they want the obedience and steadiness that comes from training.

You may be stuck on a training issue? You may have a puppy or you may be worried about introducing it to something new? You may have inadvertently let your dog think something is acceptable? You may have bought a new dog and simply want to know where to start.

Any age dog and any level of training, whether a pet gundog or picking up on a local shoot – it doesn’t matter. As long as you brief me as to what you want from your dog and and what you need to achieve – and we can work through the rest together. I can work with individuals or groups within the Rutland and surrounding area.
Give me a call and let’s chat.
0780 3617859
Mike Barnes.
Rutland Gundogs Owner
Guild of Dog Trainers Instructor. GODT 437.

Lincolnshire Pet Gundog Instructor
Monthly contributor and feature writer to Shooting Gazette. National newsstand magazine in the Gundog Q&A pages.





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A professional service to train your gundog or pet gundog which is local and friendly